Landscape design

Landscape design is a set of works aimed at the aesthetic design of a personal plot. As a rule, it consists of the following types of work:
  • tick Landscaping of the site - planting trees, shrubs, flower beds.
  • tick Water compositions - artificial reservoirs, fountains, ponds.
  • tick Architectural elements - gazebos, arches, gazebos
  • tick Artificial lighting - park lamps, garden lights.

First of all, landscape design begins with the development of a project. It is very important at this stage to pay attention to the details of the future project and highlight the main idea. Properly executed landscape design will allow you to avoid unnecessary hassle in the further process of work.

Stages of formation of preparatory work for landscaping and landscape design:
1. Geodetic survey of the territory
2. Recalculation of existing green spaces, architectural structures and buildings.
3. Qualitative determination of the composition of the soil layer.
4. Coordination with the customer of the range of plants to be planted, determining opportunities for further maintenance of the garden plot (automatic watering systems, fertilization, plot maintenance).
5. Creation of a landscape project for landscaping the site (panoramic graphic image of the future landscape design).

After completing the preparatory work, our workers begin directly implementing the project on your personal plot.

The main types of landscaping and landscaping work on a plot of land.

1. landscaping work
2. clearing the area of debris, removing unnecessary green spaces
3. vertical layout
4. landscaping work
5. construction of architectural elements, artificial ponds, paving paths, retaining walls, installation of garden lighting, automatic watering systems.
6. landscaping the area
7. digging up a plot of land, cultivating the soil, treating with herbicides, pouring soil mixture, applying fertilizers, sowing the lawn, planting plants.

It should be noted that after completion of all work on landscaping and landscaping of the land plot, it is necessary to maintain the created project. The specialists of the Green Yard company will help you with this - gardener services, consultations, maintenance of automatic watering systems, etc.