First of all, let's immediately explain why this is needed and how fogging is used in landscape design. Fogging in the local area performs two main tasks - creating and maintaining a balanced microclimate in the area and forming an additional decorative touch.

When temperatures in the South of Ukraine (especially in Kherson and the Kherson region) begin to exceed 35 degrees in the shade, a professional fogging system is the only way to enjoy your outdoor living space. Fogging is an effective and atmospheric feeling for garden design. Landscape designers and architects are constantly looking for innovative and alternative special effects to give their projects a unique and distinctive look.

Technology of fog formation.
The fogging system is a design of high pressure pumps and a water supply system. Thanks to specific settings and electronics, this system allows you to get the smallest droplets of water that float in the air. The pressure creates perfect drops of water to cool the space, but does not leave moisture on furniture or sidewalks.

Artificial ponds with fog effects look amazing!
Fogging systems are very effective around your pool, your waterfall, or any other part of your landscape where you would like to add a fog effect. Misting system nozzles hidden among vegetation behind or underwater can create a relaxing and pleasant effect in your garden. A light haze of fog adds a completely different and special feeling to the lighting effects for parties in your summer area, successfully combined with decorative lighting.

The function of fog in creating a microclimate.
In addition to decorative functions, fogging systems can also perform very practical tasks:

eliminating dust in certain areas
moisturizing rock garden plants, flower beds, etc.
cooling mist for guests on hot days
reduce the need for abundant watering of plants
Provides shade for plants that may be damaged by direct sunlight.

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