Landscaping is a complex of various types of work on the creation and use of plantings on a land plot. Landscaping can also be described as improving the ecosystem and landscaping of home and garden plots. These days, landscaping is gaining popularity among homeowners. After the house is built, the garden, flower beds, flower beds and lawns around it are planned and created.

At the Green Yard garden center you can use the services of professional landscape designers, order a project and select the plants and materials necessary for the work. We approach each client individually and discuss the project in detail, because it is at the landscape design stage that the general style and trend of landscape design of the local area is established. Garden center Zeleny Dvor provides a wide range of land improvement services:

– landscape design
- automatic watering
– laying the lawn
– planting
– creation of rock gardens
– artificial reservoirs
– sale of plants, seeds and garden tools.

After completing the landscaping work, we offer our clients further maintenance services (maintenance of automatic irrigation systems, preparation for the season of artificial reservoirs, rock gardens). We can safely say that the Green Yard garden center creates turnkey landscape design!

The following types of work can be attributed directly to the landscaping of the site: planting trees, planting hedges for zoning the site, laying or sowing a lawn, paving sidewalk paths and creating open areas (patios). As a rule, rolled lawns are classified into decorative, sports and universal:
Decorative lawn (meadow, parterre, ordinary) - a lawn made of narrow-leaved grasses, performs decorative functions, and participates in the overall ensemble of landscape design.
Sports turf - the grass surface has slow growth, increased resistance to trampling, quickly recovers, is drought-resistant, frost-resistant.

There is also a separate type of landscaping - protective landscaping or landscaping for strengthening. As the name of this type of landscaping suggests, planting trees and plants involves performing the function of protecting areas from winds or strengthening the banks of artificial reservoirs. Today, in modern landscape design, vertical gardening is gaining popularity. Vertical gardening - planting and placing declarative plants on various structures in the vertical direction. As a rule, vertical gardening is used to decorate walls, fences and building facades.