Ponds and waterfalls

Artificial ponds are often the starting point of a garden composition, so artificial ponds are located in the most critical areas (near the house, next to recreation areas). As a rule, artificial reservoirs include ponds, streams, cascades and decorative fountains. When placing an artificial reservoir, pay attention to the access to the electrical network for connecting an electric pump, filter, aerator; the close presence of trees is not advisable (falling leaves contribute to rapid pollution of the reservoir).
The choice of the type of artificial reservoir and the material used to make the tank determines the further form of maintenance and care for it.

The most popular type of artificial reservoirs, they are regular (regular geometric shape) and landscape (freeform).
If you are planning a small artificial pond (less than 5m2), then it is better to use ready-made molds made of plastic or fiberglass. If your future pond is of arbitrary shape and large dimensions, then, as a rule, synthetic rubber or waterproofing film is used. Rubber is superior in wear time to PVC (polyvinyl chloride film), therefore it is considered the best solution for waterproofing an artificial reservoir. In addition, do not forget about such external influences as stones in the soil, rodents, plant roots, and microflora. Therefore, the waterproofing coating must be protected from below with geotextiles.

Another type of waterproofing coating for artificial reservoirs is the casting of a concrete pond bowl. You can find out more about this type of waterproofing in the section “Concrete bowls”

Streams and cascades
Any artificial reservoir will be decorated with a stream flowing into it. This will give your pond a natural and natural look. It is best to design the stream in the form of cascades and small rapids - this will create the effect of a mountain stream. Gardena company offers a comprehensive solution for creating a stream from ready-made mounting blocks, along with a water tank, spiral hoses, decorative stones, pumps, water filters, lighting.

Garden fountains.
Garden fountains are a unique decorative element of landscape design that require particularly careful preparation and calculation of the necessary parameters. A fountain in a pond or freestanding will miraculously enliven your garden plot. On hot summer days, near the fountain, it is pleasant to sit on a bench, breathing in the refreshing air. In addition, the fountain increases the oxygen level in the artificial reservoir, which has a beneficial effect on the ecosystem of the pond and lake. The height of the fountain should not exceed the diameter of the reservoir; this should be taken into account when choosing a water pump.

You can order the installation of an artificial reservoir, pond, fountain, and you can also get advice on caring for it by calling our Garden Center - Green Yard.