Automatic watering

The Green Yard garden center provides installation, design, and warranty services for automatic watering systems in the city of Kherson and the Kherson region.
Automatic watering (auto-irrigation) is an irrigation system in which water irrigates green spaces in the optimal quantity for them and in a regular cycle without human intervention. Automatic watering is controlled by a preset program of a minicomputer (controller), which turns watering on and off for a given area of the site.
Classification of automatic irrigation systems.
Depending on the area of application and the goals set, automatic watering is divided into the following types:
  • tick Drip irrigation
  • tick Sprinkler irrigation
  • tick Subsoil irrigation

Drip irrigation.
Automatic drip irrigation is the most economical type of automatic irrigation, in which water is supplied directly to the root zone of plants. This method of irrigation is used, as a rule, in personal plots, farms, orchards, and vegetable gardens.

– Saving water costs per unit of production
– Wind does not affect moisture distribution
– No peripheral water loss
– Does not interfere with agricultural work in the irrigation area

– Not suitable as anti-frost irrigation
– Not acceptable for auxiliary technical irrigation
– Not effective for irrigating young tree seedlings

Irrigation by sprinkling.

Automatic sprinkler irrigation is one of the most popular and widespread methods of automatic irrigation. The main feature of this type of irrigation is the spraying of water over the surface of the land. This method of irrigation is very similar to the effect of rain, which gives it the following characteristics:
— distribution of moisture evenly, regardless of the landscape of the area;
– cleans the surface of plants from dust, which gives them the opportunity to “breathe” more actively and accumulate organic matter faster.
- moisture in addition to the soil and the surrounding air, which lowers its temperature.

It should be noted that with such automatic watering it is very important to create a balance between the rate of water supply and the intensity of its absorption by the soil. At a high rate of water supply, the soil may not have time to absorb moisture, as a result of which puddles may form, the soil will swim and become crusty. Adjusting the outlet of the sprinkler nozzle will help correct this situation.
Automatic sprinkling allows you to apply fertilizers along with the water supply, at any time of the day, using any irrigation norms.

– Suitable for all areas with difficult terrain where surface irrigation is impossible
– Effective for watering most crops
– A wide range of equipment (sprinkler nozzle diameter) allows you to adjust the irrigation intensity
– Uniform distribution of moisture in the irrigated area
– Possibility of applying fertilizers along with water supply

– In windy weather, uneven irrigation.
– Makes plowing more difficult.

Внутрипочвенный полив.
Внутрипочвенный полив — система автополива при котором, орошение осуществляется с помощью гидробуров различных конструкций или стационарно уложенных в почву увлажнителей.
Выбор оптимального метода автополива для вашего участка помогут осуществить наши специалисты, предварительно комплексно проанализировав особенности орошаемой территории. Предоставляемое оборудование (Hunter, Gardena, K-Rain, Rain-Bird) для автоматического полива компанией Зелёный Двор зарекомендовало себя во всем мире.
Мы предлагаем вам проектирование, монтаж, сервисное обслуживание систем автоматического полива, а также услуги по благоустройству приусадебного участка, дома.

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