Rolled lawn

Rolled lawn is one of the best ways to turn your plot of land into a beautiful lawn. The speed of laying rolled lawn allows you to transform your garden plot in the shortest possible time.

Rolled lawn is grown for several years in a specialized nursery. After the lawn has grown to a certain length, the top layer of soil, along with the grass and root system, is cut off and rolled up. In this form, the rolled lawn is transported and delivered to the customer. The dense root system of a rolled-up lawn prevents the germination of weeds and also serves as a good drainage system, thanks to which both excessive moisture and open sun are not harmful to the rolled-up lawn. A rolled lawn does not require any special maintenance conditions in its further operation; you only need to mow the lawn, water it and sometimes fertilize the soil.

Основные преимущества рулонного газона:
  • tick the possibility of weed germination is excluded
  • tick uniform layer of grass cover
  • tick laying rolled lawn in 1-2 days and on terrain of any complexity
  • tick ease of maintenance of rolled lawn

As a rule, rolled lawns are classified into decorative, sports and universal:
Decorative lawn (meadow, parterre, ordinary) - a lawn made of narrow-leaved grasses, performs decorative functions, and participates in the overall ensemble of landscape design.
Sports turf - the grass surface has slow growth, increased resistance to trampling, quickly recovers, is drought-resistant, and frost-resistant.

You can order a rolled lawn, as well as get advice on choosing and purchasing a rolled lawn from the consultants of the Green Yard company.
The specialists of the Green Yard company will lay roll-up lawn on your garden plot.