Garden water supply systems

Installation of a water supply system on site.
Any local area of a private house will require a high-quality water supply system during its operation - this, first of all, can be watering plants and gardens, supplying water to an outdoor shower or supplying drinking water to an outdoor kitchen in a recreation area. The water intake point can be either from a central water supply or from an individual well or well (depending on the existing water supply system and the permitted types of connection to a natural resource at the local level).

The central water supply to the site is provided either by the city water utility, or by cooperatives or gardening partnerships, which, using the funds of shareholders, create a pumping station and a water supply network through which water is delivered to each site. If for some reason there is no central water supply on the site, homeowners are left with two options for resolving this issue - a well or a well. The depth of a well or well directly depends on the depth of groundwater (depending on the area and climatic zone, the depth can vary from 2-3 to tens of meters).

If you plan to use water from a well (well) not only for irrigation and technical needs, but also for drinking, you must have the water sample analyzed at the nearest sanitary and epidemiological station. One of the most important indicators of drinking water is the permissible amount of certain chemical elements in its composition, in particular, the chlorine content in irrigation water should not exceed 50 mg per 1 liter.

Watering plants on the site.
Water for irrigation must also meet certain requirements, including temperature. The water temperature for irrigation should be in the range of 15-20 ° C, this can be achieved by heating water from solar energy in a water tank. The water tank is placed in a well-lit place, at a height of 3-4 m. The material for the tank is best to use metal painted in dark colors for better heat absorption from sunlight. From the water intake tank, along the perimeter of the site, a water supply network for irrigation is pierced, consisting of one and a half inch (38 mm in diameter) and one-inch (25 mm) water pipes placed at a depth of 60-80 cm. This water supply system is supplemented with water taps at the rate of one tap on 250 m2 area.

Water supply on site for household needs.
If you decide to make the most of your local area, and you have the opportunity to organize various recreation areas and active pastimes, then, of course, supplying water to certain areas of your yard is also the most important task in the comprehensive improvement of your territory. An outdoor shower on the site can be used in the water supply system as well as for watering plants; an additional water heating tank is usually placed above the shower. To provide an outdoor kitchen, patio or grill, everyone may also need a potable water supply.

The construction of a water supply system in combination with a water disposal (sewage) system is a rather labor-intensive and responsible process. You can contact us regarding the installation of a water supply system on the site, and also visit our branded garden center.