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French Drainage.

French drainage.

If you live in a private house, you know that stagnant water in the yard can be a serious threat to your house and the surrounding area. Fortunately, there is a practical way to deal with this problem and turn it into an advantage – a French drain.

A French drain is a perforated plastic pipe lined with gravel that collects and drains water from the site. Water can be diverted both into a lowland and into a well – a collector, from which it is later either pumped out or goes into the ground.

French drains are designed to protect your home from standing water problems, thereby preserving your landscape and the beauty of your yard.

Materials for French drainage.
Materials needed to install a French drain include pipe, crushed stone or gravel, and a fabric filter (geotextile). Also, specialized equipment is required to install such a drain, which is why it is always best to hire a professional landscaper to install a French drain. Not only does this help you avoid costly mistakes, but it also keeps your drains running at peak efficiency.

Advantages of French drains.
A French drainage system is a very practical solution for removing stagnant water from your home, because it has many advantages:
First of all, comfortable air humidity. If melt water or precipitation penetrates your basement, it can cause the appearance of mold and other pathogenic factors that are unfavorable for the health of the residents of the house. A properly designed sewage collection system and a drainage system for further flow will preserve a healthy microclimate in your home as much as possible.
Protect your home’s foundation and framing. Even if water doesn’t seep into your basement, it can still cause damage by pooling in your foundation and washing away the soil below. Over time, the foundation may sag and crack. Drainage will protect the foundation of your home from damage and keep it in excellent shape for many years.
Resource saving. If you design and direct the flow of water to the garden or to the beds, you can save water for irrigation in the future.

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