Landscape design

Paving of paths

Paving paths. Kherson city, Kherson region
When designing a landscape design on your plot of land, an important role is assigned to the rational placement and paving of garden paths for movement. The functional role of garden paths is very extensive – zoning of the site, access to various garden objects, facilitating maintenance of the garden.
Garden center “Zeleny dvir” performs both the entire complex of land improvement works, as well as individual types of works, in particular – paving paths. As a rule, when paving paths, we use the following materials:

– sand
– a tree
– concrete, gravel, crushed stone
– natural stone
– decorative brick
– asphalt

The material for paving paths can be combined. When choosing, consider such parameters as strength, durability, aesthetic factor.

Natural stone
Natural stone for paving paths is used both in raw form and in processed (sawed, chipped) form. The durability of such a covering of garden paths is primarily due to the hardness of the material itself. The color range also does not provide a wide range of colors, but granite in this regard will allow you to choose a color from shades of gray to dark red. Granite, basalt, gabbro due to their volcanic origin are out of competition in terms of strength and durability of the coating.

Pavement concrete tiles.

One of the most popular types of covering garden paths, despite its ephemerality. To improve impact strength, various types of high-quality concrete are used, a variety of shapes and color additives allow you to turn almost any artistic idea into reality. One of the types of concrete covering is decorative concrete (according to the pressed concrete method), which is increasingly used nowadays. Unlike paving slabs, it has higher indicators of durability and strength, while not inferior in various forms and color palette.

Clinker brick.
Clinker brick is made from fired clay, so it has high strength. The color palette allows you to choose the shade of the garden path. Everyone has long been accustomed to the red color of bricks, but here is a garden path made of dark blue bricks that will pleasantly surprise both your guests and yourself. Of course, such bold design solutions should be considered with a joint composition of landscape design.

Garden paths are paved with wood, the coating is inferior in strength and durability to all the above-mentioned materials, but they have their own decorative orientation. The use of wood when paving garden paths gives a general ecological trend in the landscape design of your garden area.