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What Do Professional Lawn Care Services Include?

Regular lawn maintenance

Like any green space, a lawn requires care and regular maintenance. Organic maintenance generally falls into two categories—regular lawn maintenance and seasonal lawn maintenance.

Regular green lawn maintenance includes weekly tasks such as mowing, watering and weed removal. Organic lawns are typically mowed at a higher height—about 4 inches—which leaves large blades of grass to carry out photosynthesis, feed roots, and shade the soil. To better stimulate deep root growth, water the lawn infrequently but deeply. Fertilizing often refers to mowing the lawn, a natural way to provide nutrients to the soil.

Optimal seasonal lawn maintenance program.

  • Five applications of organic fertilizer during the season (April-November) – Spring – late spring – summer – autumn – late autumn
  • Weed control – early to mid-spring
  • Control broadleaf and creeping weeds as needed
  • Control for pests – as needed from late spring to early autumn
  • Natural aeration – done twice a season, improves the soil and supplies necessary oxygen and nutrients to the root zone.
  • Application of root stimulants – used periodically throughout the season, they promote the development of strong, deep roots to protect against drought, insects and diseases.
  • Soil testing – soil testing is performed once every three years.


Today, many homeowners are focusing on energy conservation and environmentally friendly housing, so green lawn care is an excellent alternative that successfully solves these problems. Natural aeration, root growth and weed control are promoted using organic fertilizers, nutrients and soil conditioners. Organic herbicides and pesticides control pests and diseases using natural substances. Organic lawn care offers a safe and effective way to create and maintain a beautiful landscape and create a healthy environment for your children and pets.

Regular lawn maintenance

Regular maintenance should be performed throughout the growing season—spring, summer, and fall—to keep your lawn healthy and pest-free.

Organic care of trees and shrubs:
Your trees and shrubs can benefit from organic care with proper fertilizer, which is essential for healthy trees, shrubs and plants. An organic deep root fertilizer will add nutrients to your soil and promote plant growth and a healthy root system. Trees and plants with healthy, stable root systems grow faster and are less susceptible to insects, mold and disease.

A professional gardener’s services may include:
  • Natural organic feeding of the root system
  • Conditioning the soil to promote deep root growth
  • Fighting diseases and insects
  • Preparing for winter
  • Pruning trees and shrubs

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